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Hiya Folks! We are two siblings from somewhere in the heart of
Victoria that have a passion for Reading and Writing; therefore creating the
name Two sides to every story. One of our duo is fixated on reading 24/7 and
she will be reading different texts and expressing her thoughts and opinions on
these books. While the other will be sharing his personal techniques, views and
tips on how to write award winning formats. With luck; our writing fanatic will
help you recognise
what techniques you use and help you use those to make you excel in your work.

Our blog aims at the recognition of the endless hours authors put
in to help you readers
satisfy the hunger of knowledge, adventure, romance, action and all the other
genres that I can’t be stuffed saying.

At Two sides of every story, we focus on those books that are put
in a dark corner because of all the popular books like Harry potter, Diary of a
Wimpy kid and the Deltora quest series (though we review those too) and look at
how the authors wrote them.

Thus concluding our prologue; with your help, we hope this blog
takes off and lands on the island of success…



We are under huge renovations at the moment. Hang tight guys. I am writing a story at the moment and I will be updating it chapter by chapter so check back regulary. I know people are reading this if you comment. Comments keep this going.

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‘The classics’ UNABRIGED Treasure Island Review

Hey everyone! Recently I developed a passion for reading ‘the classics’.  Just to fill you in The classics are not a series they refer to old, well ‘classic’ literature. My favourite is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. In this space  I (Etho) will be reviewing the classics along with H reviewing the shortened versions of these books. So here we go.



Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson


Book: Treasure Island (unabriged/unchanged)

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Review: I first heard of this book when one of my friends (neenee4me) said she was reading it. I thought it was a cliched ( There’s a little squigle that goes on the ‘e’ but I don’t have that type of keyboard) ‘pirate tale’ but I was so wrong. I started reading  it and I borrowed it from my superior and he said I have to return it but I said “I don’t care, I’m finishing it”

So I did.

This book is basically what inspired pirates of the carribean and all that. It’s a classic tale that can be boring at times but after a while it became my favourite book. I actually ordered another Robert Louis Stevenson book because of this.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Reviewer: Etho

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CLARICE BEAN SERIES- Spells Trouble review

Hey guys! If you are a regular viewer
of this blog you probably wondering a) WHERE IA ALL THE NEW REVIEWS ETC. And b)
wasn’t there a page for Clarice bean? Well a) We are going under gianormous
renovations and will be up to scratch soon. See what we are doing is changing
EVERY SINGLE review in to a post you can see on our front page, not a different
page for every series because you’ll be here all day trying to locate a page.
So we will always post our prologue on top of our POST VERSION REVIEW which you
can view on our front page. Confusing? Very. B) It was a page but every
different review will have its own post now.


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DONT WORRY! If you can’t find an old post that’s why we have ARCHIVES!!!!

SO here we go. CLARICE BEAN SPELLS TROUBLE REVIEW POST on Two sides, enjoy guys.

The First Epic Clarice bean book!

Book: Clarice Bean spells trouble

Author: Lauren child

Pages: 189

Review: Clarice bean is a perfect book with adventure,
sadness, suspense, good humour and the qualities of a great novel. This could
all actually happen in real life and so it made it really, well, real! Lauren
child is a great author (she is also the author of Charlie and Lola) who can
write a great book from a Childs perpective.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Reviewer: H

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